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Clinical benefits

Clinicians have the potential to discharge clients at an earlier stage in their face to face treatment, with SHaRON as an integral part of the discharge plan that provides continued therapeutic support.

Having peer to peer support using SHaRON provides the opportunity for services to create and then promote a culture which enables all users to feel listened to and understood and able to believe the hope that their situations can improve and which mirrors the clinical needs of their client population.

Clinicians can track and monitor clients mood and progress as and when there is a need and spot possible signs of deterioration or changes in behaviour suggesting a relapse in momentum is beginning to take place.

My husband says how much better I've been since joining SHaRON, it's amazing, thank you.


Clinicians can provide specific support, advice or dedicated psychoeducational material to an individual or a group or across the whole of SHaRON, e.g. SHaRON videocasts.

Clinical teams can use SHaRON in various ways to deliver a therapeutic service 24/7 and 365 days a year.

Clinicians can provide online individual treatment sessions which are at mutually convenient times, either within regular working hours or outside office hours.

SHaRON can be used to continue providing a therapeutic service, even in times of local or national severe or adverse events and will be the bedrock of contingency planning.

SHaRON will provide the opportunity for clinicians, that are competent in their IT skills, and who are wanting to offer services that are patient focused and to be creative in the delivery of therapeutic advice and support.

SHaRON allows for the training of staff in direct intervention with patients and the opportunity to observe clinicians in intimate therapeutic relationships with their patients. SHaRON provides a unique simulation opportunity in the training of all disciplines, eg. Medical, Psychology, Nursing staff to witness and learn about responses to clinical material in the online environment.

Clinicians using SHaRON can gain a much more extensive picture of their client's life and successful areas that can be utilised in their traditional face to face sessions and are also able to engage more easily with parents and carers which will enable a more holistic approach to their therapeutic work.