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Eating Disorders

Within eating disorders, SHaRON provides help and support to anyone who would benefit from access to 24 hour a day clinical, peer to peer or expert patient support.

Over 80% of SHaRON users agree that SHaRON has been helpful in their recovery. A regional Health Economics study has shown net savings per patient (18+) per year of £4,496 for Berkshire when compared with other services in the region. This amounted to total savings per year of £715k. As well as improving the quality of the service delivered to patients, there is considerable evidence of early discharge, with SHaRON as part of the discharge plan, and increased re-referral prevention.

Berkshire NHS teams use social media to tackle anorexia

See the full BBC report here.

There appears to be clear evidence that Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust’s SHaRON service is providing benefits to patients.

Janssen Healthcare

This aligns well with qualitative feedback from patients and staff collected over the years. It is further credible when we consider that the SHaRON service was not implemented in isolation – the entire service delivery program was modified to allow more frequent interactions with patients and enable more varied means of reaching out to patients.

You can download the full Janssen Healthcare report here

I honestly don’t know if I would have recovered without SHaRON as the support was just amazing.