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Support Hope and Recovery Online Network

Support Hope and Recovery Online Network (SHaRON) is an Eating Disorders Tele Health System that connects individuals to each other and to their care providers.

SHaRON (Support Hope and Recovery Online Network) is an online social networking website, similar to Facebook but with NHS levels of security for use by individuals with eating disorders and their clinicians.

It provides help and support to anyone who would benefit from access to 24 hour a day clinical, peer to peer or expert patient support. It was designed by patients and clinicians at Berkshire Healthcare NHS Trust and has been in use for 5 years with accumulated evaluated evidence from patients, clinicians and independent health economists.

The Oxford Academic Health Science Network has engaged the local providers in the region for consideration of implementation of this innovations. It may also be made available to other interested NHS Trusts. This innovation was a finalist for the EHI Awards in 2013.

SHaRON is used by NHS clinicians, NHS professionals, relatives and carers, service users, ex-service users, voluntary service professionals and other professions such as social workers.

The system was created with 3 key functions in mind.

  • To provide a safe, secure and comfortable social environment for service users, relatives and carers to network communicate and support each other.
  • To allow clinicians and suitable end of treatment service users, the ability to communicate and support service users at any time of the day or night.
  • To allow service users, direct access to Clinicians and some (end of treatment) service users, at any time of the day or night.

Benefits seen to date

  • Over 80% of SHaRON users agree that SHaRON has been helpful in their recovery.
  • Re-referral rates for Anorexia are 30-50% compared to Berkshire’s figure of less than 10%.
  • The service deploying SHaRON has transformed from 5 days a week 8 hours a day, to 24 hours, 365 days per year service, at very little additional cost.
  • A regional Health Economics study has shown net savings per patient (18+) per year of £4,496 for Berkshire when compared with other services in the region. This amounted to a total savings per year of £715k for Berkshire CCGs. (Available on request)
  • As well as improving the quality of the service delivered to patients, there is considerable evidence of early discharge, with SHaRON as part of the discharge plan, and increased re-referral prevention.

SHaRON - Berkshire Young People (BYP)

SHaRON for Young People is being developed to be used by the wider CYPF workforce, including perinatal services, health visitors, school nursing, LAC, CYPIT, and CAMHS. This will be a long term transformational change, over a period of 5 years? The application itself has been built, works and has been user tested during May 2015 and has functioned as expected.

SHaRON has been successfully integrated into Berkshire Healthcare's Eating Disorders, Talking Therapies services and as a support to Relatives and Carers of those with Mental Health conditions, since 2010.

To discuss how you could deliver SHaRON into your Trust or Service, please email or telephone Jonathon Burton: 0118 982 2931.