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About SHaRON

Support Hope and Recovery Online Network providing 24 hour peer to peer support, with clinical moderation and intervention. 

Designed and developed in 2009 SHaRON provides a safe and secure digital environment where service users, clinicians, ex-service users, volunteers and other professionals can communicate.

SHaRON stemmed from a sense of frustration at the idea of ‘office hours’, when mental health issues can strike at any time day or night. It was clear that an always available, 24/7 solution was required. As well as the limitations of ‘office hours’, we also understood that those with mental health conditions rarely share their journey. So people don’t hear about others in a similar situation who are now well.

SHaRON is in use providing 24hr support to:

  • Eating disorders services
  • Perinatal services
  • Relatives and carers of the elderly with mental health conditions 
  • Talking therapies
  • Child & adolescent mental health services

We understood that, once someone was deemed well enough to leave treatment, there was no permanent place for them to go for support, often leading them to crisis again. We wanted to provide a safe, secure and comfortable environment for service users, relatives and carers alike to talk and support each other.

Members can read hundreds of blogs and forum posts from people who have suffered in the same way they have but are now well. This opportunity to understand that they as well, can recover, delivers real hope. Combine this with videos of others sharing their journeys and endless possibilities to talk in real time with peers, ex-service users and clinical professionals 24hrs a day, SHaRON transforms out of hours mental health support.

Access to peer to peer support on SHaRON is never removed, once someone has recovered enough to leave treatment, they can remain members of SHaRON, even if they have left the local area or even the UK. This provides a safe place to fall back to should they ever need it, and we regularly see that they do. We still see SHaRON used by people who left treatment over nine years ago.



I never thought something online could be such a strong support but then that's the best bit.